Indonesian Mining Concession Maps

Sample Mining Concession Map: PDF Report or Google Earth KML or Online Map Sample

Sample Mining Concession Reference Book: Forest Moratorium or Topographic

Full Province Coal and Mineral Reference Books
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Aceh Mineral ReferenceAceh Coal Reference
Bangka Belitung Mineral Reference
Banten Mineral ReferenceBanten Coal Reference
Bengkulu Mineral ReferenceBengkulu Coal Reference
Gorontalo Mineral Reference
Jambi Mineral ReferenceJambi Coal Reference
Java Central Mineral Reference
Java East Mineral Reference
Java West Mineral ReferenceJava West Coal Reference
Kalimantan Central Mineral ReferenceKalimantan Central Coal Reference
Kalimantan East Mineral ReferenceKalimantan East Coal Reference
Kalimantan South Mineral ReferenceKalimantan South Coal Reference
Kalimantan West Mineral ReferenceKalimantan West Coal Reference
Lampung Mineral ReferenceLampung Coal Reference
Maluku North Mineral ReferenceMaluku North Coal Reference
Maluku Mineral ReferenceMaluku Coal Reference
Nusa Tenggara East Mineral ReferenceNusa Tenggara East Coal Reference
Nusa Tenggara West Mineral Reference
Papua West Mineral ReferencePapua West Coal Reference
Papua Mineral ReferencePapua Coal Reference
Riau Islands Mineral Reference
Riau Mineral ReferenceRiau Coal Reference
Sulawesi Central Mineral ReferenceSulawesi Central Coal Reference
Sulawesi North Mineral Reference
Sulawesi South Mineral ReferenceSulawesi South Coal Reference
Sulawesi Southeast Mineral ReferenceSulawesi Southeast Coal Reference
Sulawesi West Mineral ReferenceSulawesi West Coal Reference
Sumatra North Mineral ReferenceSumatra North Coal Reference
Sumatra South Mineral ReferenceSumatra South Coal Reference
Sumatra West Mineral ReferenceSumatra West Coal Reference
Yogyakarta Mineral Reference

Individual IUPs and CoWs
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Aceh Mineral MapAceh Coal Map
Bangka Belitung Mineral Map
Banten Mineral MapBanten Coal Map
Bengkulu Mineral MapBengkulu Coal Map
Gorontalo Mineral Map
Jambi Mineral MapJambi Coal Map
Java Central Mineral Map
Java East Mineral Map
Java West Mineral MapJava West Coal Map
Kalimantan Central Mineral MapKalimantan Central Coal Map
Kalimantan East Mineral MapKalimantan East Coal Map
Kalimantan South Mineral MapKalimantan South Coal Map
Kalimantan West Mineral MapKalimantan West Coal Map
Lampung Mineral MapLampung Coal Map
Maluku North Mineral MapMaluku North Coal Map
Maluku Mineral MapMaluku Coal Map
Nusa Tenggara East Mineral MapNusa Tenggara East Coal Map
Nusa Tenggara West Mineral Map
Papua West Mineral MapPapua West Coal Map
Papua Mineral MapPapua Coal Map
Riau Islands Mineral Map
Riau Mineral MapRiau Coal Map
Sulawesi Central Mineral MapSulawesi Central Coal Map
Sulawesi North Mineral Map
Sulawesi South Mineral MapSulawesi South Coal Map
Sulawesi Southeast Mineral MapSulawesi Southeast Coal Map
Sulawesi West Mineral MapSulawesi West Coal Map
Sumatra North Mineral MapSumatra North Coal Map
Sumatra South Mineral MapSumatra South Coal Map
Sumatra West Mineral MapSumatra West Coal Map
Yogyakarta Mineral Map